Order This Book Just Like Many Others Have and Learn How to Protect Everything You Have for Everyone You Love, Avoid Probate and Get Peace of Mind if Something Happens to You!

Do Not Leave This Heavy Burden on Your Family  OR  Let the State of Alabama Decide What Happens to You or Your Money if You Suddenly Become Disabled or Die!


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In This Book Written by Estate Planning Attorney Bill Miller, You Will Learn:

  • How to make sure you have input into who would raise your kids if something happens to you unexpectedly
  • How to name someone to act for you in the event you are not able to do so
  • How to tell your family ahead of time whether you want to be on life support, a feeding tube, etc. in the event you become permanently unconscious
  • How to protect the stuff you leave to your heirs from their creditors, divorce, bankruptcy and other potential predators
  • How to design a plan in place that follows your own rulebook and avoid probate when you die
  • How to protect your assets during your lifetime from nursing home costs
  • Get peace of mind knowing you will not place the burden on your family